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Updates for Book 4

Updates for Book 4 - First Edition

Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Latest updates – September 2015

Page 8, line 2: the path has been altered slightly, better directions now read –


Follow path along edge of field with ditch on your right and after about 300m follow path as it goes left then right to find footbridge (beside tree) across stream.


Page 12: a gate has been added to the path through Snipe Dales Nature Reserve.  Having walked along the valley floor by the stream, the path turns left and you then go through a new kiss gate before climbing up out of the valley.


Page 13: having passed the Meridian Stone and walked along to the stream, you will find that the path has been altered.  Instead of crossing a stile into a field you follow the path to the left of gates and onto a path with a new fence on your right which continues through the kiss gate as before.


Page 14:  Stockwith Mill has closed.


Page 18: the path into Tetford has been changed slightly.  Line 2 to the end of the paragraph now reads –


About 200m after sharp left bend turn right up bridleway along edge of field with hedge on left and follow this for the next 400m.  At corner of field go through gap, bear left along enclosed path and after 100m turn right along path between fences and walk out to road.  Turn left, walk up 90m and turn right up East Road and follow this into the centre of the village.


Tetford now has a Meridian Marker on the side of the road by the church.  It was placed there to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.


Page 22, first two lines: better directions now read –


At field edge, where two tracks come in from the right, keep going ahead between more big fields.


Page 30: you can find the tiny church of St Edith in Little Grimsby by walking further along the road to find a gate on your right by the derestricted sign.

Page31:  the farmer at Yarburgh Grange has an idiosyncratic way of placing his electric fences which hindered, but did not prevent, our progress when we walked it this summer.


Page 32, line 4: the stile at the corner where fences meet has been replaced by a kissing gate which leads into a narrow enclosed path which was overgrown with nettles and brambles.  With the help of hedge clippers provided by a helpful neighbour and much trampling down of the nettles we managed to make a clear way through.  It will probably be as bad next summer, sadly.


Page 44, line 2:  the unusable stiles have been replaced by small gates and the arrow pointing the wrong way has been replaced with one pointing the correct way.


Page 46: the final footpath beside Tunstall Drain is often a little overgrown and the pillbox is not always that visible but as long as you keep to the steam side of any fences you will be fine.

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