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Updates for Book 1

Updates for Book 1 - Those applicable to all first and second editions can be viewd by clicking on the                                                   Printable  Version icon above. 


Updates for the third edition.



Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Latest updates – May  2020

Page 5 - last three lines.  Before you go down the steps you will find yourselves crossing a new road by way of two gates.


Page 6 - first line.  The narrow and difficult path has been replaced with a lovely, broad and easy path.


Page 14 - paragraph 3 - line 3.  The mentioned stile can now be found next to a large gate.


Page 14 - end of paragraph 3 and start of paragraph 4.  Just before you reach the stile at the bottom of the valley you will see a recently established path that goes left along the old railway track.  Try to avoid being diverted onto it but if you do somehow find yourself on it you can continue for about 300 metres and then find the path going right across the valley floor and up the opposite side where you will, eventualy, find the gap into the field.


Page 24 - three lines from the bottom.  The sign indicating a Private Track has been removed.





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