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Updates for Book 3

Updates for Book 3 - First edition  These can be found by clicking on the Printable Version icon


Updates or Book 3 - both editions  

Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire


New route over New Bridge over the A14 at Lolworth. Pages 3 and 4.

As part of a huge upgrade to this part of the A14, there is a new bridge over the A14 conecting the village of Lolworth to a new side road that runs parallel to the A14.  This enables us to change the route of the GMT which will avoid the tedious and just a little dangerous road walking between Boxworth and the Cambridge Services and shorten to some extent the amount of road walking into Swavesy.

The new route directions will be incorporated into the latest print version of the guidebook and if you have not already walked this section then find the new route directions below.  Overall it is a more pleasant and safer route.


Page 3: line 8 -

It has a post box, a telephone box that is now Lolworth book exchange and has won awards forbeing the best kept village.  At the centre, keep ahead and walk out of the village.  Soon you will see the stream of traffic ahead on the A14.


Page 4 - down to Swavesy information box.

Follow the pavement, cross the A14 and curve left down to the junction where you turn right along the side road completed in 2020 as part of a massive reconfiguration of this part of the A14.  After 600m, turn right along Utter's Drove, pass smelly sewage works on the left and keep on for just under 1km where you turn left along Tippler's Road.  At the end, turn right onto the far less peaceful road into Swavesy.  The slightly tedious walk to the centre can be mitigated by the purchase of an ice cream at the handy Boxworth End village store and a brief diversion along Ramper Road to view the very discreet meridian marker a few yards along the road on the left.  Look out for the Baptist Chapels on either side of the road, soon afterwards.


                                                                                                                                                                 Latest updates - August 2020

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