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Updates for Book 3

Updates for Book 3 - First Edition

Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire


Page 2: the path entering the village at Dry Drayton has been properly re-instated.  Instead of going through the gate onto the road, follow these directions from line 5 –


At road, follow path left with hedge on your right then turn right into the churchyard.  Go to the left of the church, leave churchyard and turn left (joining the Pathfinder Long Distance Walk).


Page 10: we have just found out that Mary’s tearoom has closed.


Page 11: Somersham Lake is now called Somersham Local Nature Reserve.  The directions are essentially unchanged.  Having walked along the old railway track past the newly landscaped lake you may well find that they are still working on the paths which eventually are to be adopted as a public bridleway.


Page 18: in the middle of the directions, the junction of tracks where you turn right was always in the middle of some yard areas.  They now have a name.  It is a “Compost Recycling Facility”.  It can be a bit smelly at times.


Page 20: St Wendreda’s Church.  The key is now obtainable from the Robin Hood Convenience Store/Garage on Wimblington Road.


Page 28: at line 7 of the directions we have managed to miss out a bridge.  The sentence from line 5 now reads –


After 300m turn left along grassy path, follow this for 200m turn right along path with ditch on right.  Cross bridge, keep ahead and at corner of field cross ditch ahead, turn left and walk along left edge of field.


Pages 41 to 44: the path along the top of the Old Sea Bank remains a problem.  The County Council only clears the path twice a year.  If at all possible you should try to walk this section soon after the work has been carried out.  Find out when the paths were last cleared by contacting County Services Department on 01552 782070 or email them at They have been very helpful in the past.


The New Sea Bank, where the route joins the Macmillan Way, has also been improved with the addition of numerous sign posts and some new kiss gates.

                                                                                                                                                                     Latest updates - Jan 2019

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