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Updates for Book 2

Updates for Book 2 (early printings)

Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Latest updates – September 2015

Books printed recently will already have some of these changes.


Page 6: the café at Three Mills appears to be open only when the mill itself is open, namely Sunday afternoons during the summer.


Page 24: the Tourist Information Centre has moved next door so the directions no longer make sense.  The first two lines now read –


Facing the Abbey Church, go up footpath on your left and follow this on the left of Cornmill Stream for 100m.


Page 26: line 5 of directions – the sign to Dobb’s Weir has disappeared.


Page 32: line 1 - the track going right at Swades Farm is just beyond the entrance to Newhole Farm on the right.  Line 4 – there is no accommodation at Wareside.


Page 32: in the third paragraph, there have been alterations to the path leading to Cold Christmas.  Line 15 to line 18 now reads –


When the track turns right, you keep ahead between high wire fences towards the hedgerow ahead.  Go through gap and follow the track with hedgerow on your right and fence on left to the road below at Cold Christmas.


Page 36:  The Chequers Inn at Wareside no longer provides accommodation.    


Page 38: line 1 – the sign to Braughing Chapel has disappeared.


Page 38: line 7 – the bridleway sign to Bozen Green has disappeared.  It is now Bridleway 014.


Page 40: the tea shop at Hare Street has closed but now provides B&B accommodation.


Page 40: second paragraph, line 7 – do not be misled by the permissive bridleway sign and the lack of a footpath disc.  The route is through the gate in the wire fence. The way through the garden has changed slightly, go to right of the new tennis court and keep ahead to find gate out of grounds.


Page 42:  this clarifies the directions for this part of the route.  Line 4 to line 8 now reads –


Having reached the track you may then have difficulty finding the path across the next field.  The farmer does not always re-instate it but if you are lucky and there is a path it will follow our yellow route line, not as shown on the OS map.  The direction is towards the left end of the trees ahead on the far side of the field.  At field edge turn left and follow path between fields for 200m.  If there is no clear path through a dense crop then we have found it easier to go left and walk along a tractor line to the stream then turn right and walk along edge of field to re-join route.


Page 44: the public house in Reed has closed.


Page 44: line 4 – the bridleway sign now points to Grange Farm, not Royston.


Page 44:  a gate has been moved.  Line 11 to line 13 now reads –


At track junction by the Grange, turn right and find gate into path on your left after about 15m.  Go through and follow path left.  


Page 52:  a fence has been removed.  Line 5 to line 8 now reads –


Leave field over stile under electricity pole, turn left, go ahead with farm buildings on your right and cross field, bearing slightly left, to leave field over footbridge.


Page 54: last paragraph – the old church built in 1845 now has a sign declaring it to be Eversden Village Hall.  The two stiles at the bottom of the page have been replaced by gates.


Page 56: line 1 – you will probably find the path across the field some distance to the left as the farmer has been told to “put it back where it belongs” by the Rights of Way people.


Page 66: there is now a charge to enter the quadrangle and view the chapel.  Follow the alternative directions if you are not prepared to part with money.



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