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Updates for Book 2

Updates for Book 2 - Those applicable to the first edition can now be viewed by clicking on the Printable Version icon above. 


Updates for the second edition

Image: Vermuyden’s Drain near Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Latest updates – May 2020




Page 6: The café at Three Mills appears to be open only when the mill itself is open, namely Sunday afternoons during the summer.


Page 6: last line of the directions.  The note on page 21 is superfluous as the steps up to The Greenway are now open.


Page 8: first paragraph, last three lines.  The junction has been redesigned.  You now pass to the right of the interesting metal sculpture and straight across the road going left to the stations before continuing up the High Street.


Page 32: in the third paragraph, there have been alterations to the path leading to Cold Christmas.  Line 15 to line 18 now reads –


When the track turns right, you keep ahead between high wire fences towards the hedgerow ahead.  Go through gap and follow the track with hedgerow on your right and fence on left to the road below at Cold Christmas.


Page 40: second paragraph, line 7.  Do not be misled by the permissive bridleway sign and the lack of a footpath disc.  The route is through the gate in the wire fence. The way through the garden has changed slightly, go to right of the new tennis court and keep ahead to find gate out of grounds.





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