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The updates have been moved from the news page and now have separate pages for each of the books.  The format of these pages has been changed so that when they are printed the new directions will fit snugly into the guidebook at the relevant place in the book, after the judicious use of a sharp pair of scissors.  We have been finding numerous minor changes to the route but will only include the important ones in the update pages.


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Please let us know about your experience walking the Greenwich Meridian Trail.  We would also like to know if you have spotted any mistakes in the guidebooks or have had any problems following the directions or finding the route.


If you would like a list of accommodation for the first three parts of the trail, more information about the self-guided walk from Peacehaven to Greenwich or would like any other information about the Greenwich Meridian Trail then :-


Write to us at: 30, Dunvan Close, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2EY.


Tel: 01273 472678     -      Email us: click here.

Image: The Pudding Stone at Standon in Hertfordshire.


Long Distance Walkers Association at When you have finished this walk, you will find over 1,200 more long-distance paths to follow, should you be so inclined.


The Greenwich Meridian – where east meets west at This is an excellent web site where you will find more information about the Prime Meridian than you can possibly absorb in one visit.


You can find out more about Cleethorpes at and more about Greenwich at


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